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Lawrencium is a decentralized marketplace for providing professional digital assets, resources and services.

The pre-sale is over and now traded on Pancakeswap, you can continue to purchase using the contract address.

Buy at the lowest price on 24th May, 2021.

Lawrencium Pre-Sale

Dear Lawrencium Community;

Lawrencium Token (XLW) Airdrop

As part of our pre-sale marketing campaign, Lawrencium is giving away 50.000 XLW for each participant. To participate, you must complete all the tasks listed in our Telegram bot! Our team has agreed to schedule a snapshot for after pre-sale ends on 15th Jun, 2021.

Join Telegram our bot!

  1. Follow our Twitter account and then like & retweet pinned tweet and tag 3 or more friends. Tweet your best advice for those who are new in the crypto space. Use $XLW, #Lawrencium, #XLWToken, #XLW, @Lawrenciumtoken tags in the tweet.
  2. Join our Telegram announcement community channel and group. Share your referral link in telegram groups…

We’re willing to present the data that we’ve got from both our first marketing and product promotion work to our investor partners. The participation we’ve reached was really exciting. However, we realized that most of the investors are at a loss because of the FUD in the crypto market, which unfortunately led to 90% fewer investors in this project. We hope the markets will back to the bullish times. We’re looking forward for the first day of this week for a hard promotional work. We’re getting ready for it.

In order to support this project, you may recommend it to the people around you or share it through social channels.

Twitter Followers: 24000
Telegram Group Number of Participants: 21000
Telegram Channel Followers: 28000
Medium Followers : 15000

Lawrencium Shilling Contest

We will be running a contest to incentive us all to go out “shill” Lawrencium Token (XLW). The purposes of this contest — it is basically anyone who does promoting to get out the “good word” on Lawrencium.

The “formal” definition of shill can be found here (wikipedia)


  • The purpose of this contest is to try and get all of us to promote Lawrenicum Token (XLW).
  • We want to tell people why Lawrencium Token (XLW) and Lawrencium Marketplace are awesome.
  • The target audience is the cryptocurrency world/community and potential investors.
  • The contest preference is to promote shilling of the Lawrencium…

Lawrencium Pre-sale is LIVE!

Are you looking for next 1000x ?

From the revenue raised from the sale of services, 5% is allocated to Lawrencium for continued operations and development, 5% is allocated to a bounty pool, which will be used to incentivize new service providers to create projects for Lawrencium via Hackathons, Training programmes etc, and the remaining 90% is paid to the service providers.

Lawrencium will also charge platform usage fees in a combined model of “pay-per-usage” and “subscription”.

We will issue up to Lawrencium Token (XLW) during our initial token offer. We will have Lawrencium Token (XLW) for pre-sale event. 10% of total tokens will be allocated to the Team and Advisors to align our interests with those of the community. 20% of the total tokens will be held by Lawrencium as a token reserve for liquidity pools.

Why was Lawrencium created??

The utility token generated through the Token Sale by the Lawrencium is an BEP20 compliant token, and is divisible up to 18 decimals. It is available for sale to contributors in exchange for BNB at the pre-sale state. Lawrencium Token (XLW) will be fully convertible to other listed currencies on external exchanges, as well as via an AMM exchange called the Pancakeswap.

Lawrencium is a token-driven marketplace and decentralized marketplace ecosystem that intends to increase the accessibility and trustworthiness digital assets and service marketplace with the blockchain-enabled smart contracts. It empowers rapid adoption for all parties involved, including buyers and service providers of digital assets to start, with opportunity for consumer engagement in the future.

  • Pay platform fees
  • Pay platform service fees
  • Make digital assets and services purchases
  • Gain access to a complete suite of API’s for decentralized transactions.
  • Oracle services and validation of smart contracts

Lawrencium Marketplace

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