Lawrencium Token Model

Why was Lawrencium created??

The utility token generated through the Token Sale by the Lawrencium is an BEP20 compliant token, and is divisible up to 18 decimals. It is available for sale to contributors in exchange for BNB at the pre-sale state. Lawrencium Token (XLW) will be fully convertible to other listed currencies on external exchanges, as well as via an AMM exchange called the Pancakeswap.

How will the token be generated? We begin with the Developer Community production of code. Developers develop code, organize Quality Assurance and Security Assurance (pen-testing). Each party’s contributions are logged and agreed upon as a percentage of the total work. Approved code is submitted for listing on the Marketplace. As a part of listing, the developers decide on the type of license and the price. Code can be licensed as open source with attribution, freeware, or paid only. Paid code can be priced in whichever major currency the developers choose (e.g., USD, EUR, ETH, BTC, etc.) though license fees will always be paid in Lawrencium Token (XLW). Fee options include one-time, recurring, and/or pay per use.

Buyers of all kinds shop and purchase code on the Marketplace. In most cases, purchases come with one-time or recurring fees, plus costs for gas. While the prices will be seen by buyers in currencies like USD, EUR, ETH and BTC, they will be traded in Lawrencium Token (XLW).



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