Lawrencium Token (XLW) Airdrop

As part of our pre-sale marketing campaign, Lawrencium is giving away 50.000 XLW for each participant. To participate, you must complete all the tasks listed in our Telegram bot! Our team has agreed to schedule a snapshot for after pre-sale ends on 15th Jun, 2021.

  1. Follow our Twitter account and then like & retweet pinned tweet and tag 3 or more friends. Tweet your best advice for those who are new in the crypto space. Use $XLW, #Lawrencium, #XLWToken, #XLW, @Lawrenciumtoken tags in the tweet.
  2. Join our Telegram announcement community channel and group. Share your referral link in telegram groups to get 10.000 XLW for each new referral to join. 🚀🚀🚀
  3. Follow our Medium account and clap at least one of our stories.
  4. Follow our Facebook and Instagram account and clap at least one of our stories.
  5. Create an account on Coinvote website. Search for Lawrencium and upvote.
  6. Take a vote on Coinsniper.
  7. Submit your BEP-20 wallet address in our Telegram bot.

That’s all. After airdrop ends, we will check and verify all the steps you completed and transfer your tokens to the wallet address that you provided in our Telegram bot.

⚠️ You must do all mandatory tasks in order to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

⚠️ You will not be able to receive airdrop tokens if you do not complete the mandatory tasks correctly.

⚠️ To change any task answer, you can restart from the beginning and resubmit.

⚠️ If you complete all tasks you will be eligible recieve 50.000 XLW tokens. For each referral you will get extra 10.000 XLW. In order to qualify for the airdrop, you have to refer at least 1 referral.

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Lawrencium is a decentralized marketplace for providing professional digital assets, resources and services.