We will issue up to Lawrencium Token (XLW) during our initial token offer. We will have Lawrencium Token (XLW) for pre-sale event. 10% of total tokens will be allocated to the Team and Advisors to align our interests with those of the community. 20% of the total tokens will be held by Lawrencium as a token reserve for liquidity pools.

Our token offering will fund the growth of cryptocurrency adoption and decentralized marketplace for digital assets and services, first and foremost. We have designed a robust innovation hub and bounty pool program to reward service providers and buyers for participating in the adoption process. A major component is allocated to a marketing pool for a grass roots cryptocurrency “giveaway” program, to help communities around the world bring cryptos into their daily lives. This activity will facilitate the adoption of smart contracts, blockchain applications, and crypto’s working together. Our fund allocation plan below will outline how we will handle funds raised in more detail.

Participants in the Seed and Early Bird stages will receive their tokens once the Initial Token Offering has been completed as a means of lock-up.

  1. Token Allocation
    * 60% Token Sale Participants;
    * 10% Lawrencium Team, Development
    * 5% Marketing and investor relations;
    * 5% Airdrop, giveaway
    * 20% Liquidity Pool;
  2. Fund Allocation
    60% exchange liquidity pool
    * 15% Marketing & sales
    * 5% Management & Operation
    * 20% Development

Lawrencium is a decentralized marketplace for providing professional digital assets, resources and services. https://lawrencium.io