Lawrencium is a token-driven marketplace and decentralized marketplace ecosystem that intends to increase the accessibility and trustworthiness digital assets and service marketplace with the blockchain-enabled smart contracts. It empowers rapid adoption for all parties involved, including buyers and service providers of digital assets to start, with opportunity for consumer engagement in the future.

Lawrencium’s token is an BEP20 utility token, built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The Lawrencium Token (XLW) is for Lawrencium’s Marketplace and App Platform ecosystem. Initially, all services and features within Lawrencium will be paid for and remunerated in Lawrencium Tokens. Subsequently we are looking to introduce solutions to enable easy convertibility.

The Lawrencium Token intends to empower the following functions:

  • Pay platform fees
  • Pay platform service fees
  • Make digital assets and services purchases
  • Gain access to a complete suite of API’s for decentralized transactions.
  • Oracle services and validation of smart contracts