Shilling Contest Round #1

Lawrencium Shilling Contest

We will be running a contest to incentive us all to go out “shill” Lawrencium Token (XLW). The purposes of this contest — it is basically anyone who does promoting to get out the “good word” on Lawrencium.

The “formal” definition of shill can be found here (wikipedia)


  • The purpose of this contest is to try and get all of us to promote Lawrenicum Token (XLW).
  • We want to tell people why Lawrencium Token (XLW) and Lawrencium Marketplace are awesome.
  • The target audience is the cryptocurrency world/community and potential investors.
  • The contest preference is to promote shilling of the Lawrencium Token (XLW) and Lawrencium Marketplace over the social media platforms.

The purpose of this contest is to incentivise users to promote the Lawrencium Marketplace and Lawrencium Token (XLW) to potential investors.

We want to emphasize that while recruiting more users to the platform is really important too — that is not the purpose of this contest. This contest is focused on INVESTORS.

Why investors?

THE ONLY REASON that these tokens have any value, is because investors are willing to pay for them. If we didn’t have investors willing to buy the tokens, they would not have any value.

The more value that investors see in the Lawrencium Token, the higher the price can potentially go. The higher the price goes, the more profit to all of us.

More investors buying Lawrencium Token = the higher the price can potentially go.

Contest Rules:

  • In the comments below, make your “proposal” for how you plan to shill Lawrencium. After you have completed your shilling task, report back with some sort of proof/results (screenshots).
  • We will review all of the results and pick the “winners”.
  • The winners will be selected based on our subjective feedback of what we think is “best”, although we will take comments from other community members into consideration.
  • Proposals can be made up until the time of the next announcement.
  • Proof/results can be submitted for an additional 24 hours after the announcement.
  • The winners will be declared and paid (XLW Tokens) within 48 hours of announcement.
  • Whatever shilling you do must be honest/truthful.
  • Submit your shill on this form.


  • First place will get 20m XLW.
  • Second place will get 10m XLW.
  • Third place will get 5m XLW.
  • Everyone participate and submit the form will also get 10.000 XLW

Some resources you might use:

  • Lawrencium Website:
  • Lawrencium Whitepaper:
  • Lawrencium Pre-Sale post:
  • Lawrencium Logo:
  • The Lawrencium Marketplace is like the “app store” for service providers/buyers in one ecosystem
  • The Lawrencium Marketplace Platform is a suite of tools for service provider to help them sell their work, manage and monitor on blockchains.
  • Open APIs for app integration with Lawrencium Marketplace for professional digital assets listing.
  • Service providers can create a listing to provide their digital assets or service on the Lawrencium Marketplace, or they can receive commissioned projects from a Lawrencium buyer. There is no listing fee for services.
  • Buyers will be able to purchase, using Lawrencium Token (XLW), service listed in the Marketplace.
  • Lawrencium reached 30k registered users in 3 days.
  • Lawrencium will be listed on major exchanges.
  • Lawrencium’s token is an BEP20 utility token, built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
  • Be creative, these are just suggestions.

Submit your shills to this form

Happy Shilling to Everyone!

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